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Welcome to Rise and Shine. This is a healing studio for change and growth. There are many things we can work on. This is a place for improving and balancing your well being, where sessions are a conversation that are a blend of Counseling, Meditation and Bodywork.

In 2009 Luke Richardson created Rise and Shine. Luke is an Energy Healing Therapist qualified in Meditation facilitation, Massage and NLP. Specialising in making changes, learning new skills and creating new experiences in life. With Energy work and Visualisation exercises there are no limits to what we can work on.

Meditation Class Downloads

Complimentary Guided Meditations To Download

While Luke is teaching in Bali we are offering complimentary downloads of classes recorded in the mountains of Bali. These are live recordings from classes held there. Listening in with headphones will take you on the same journey as those who were there live. This is a great way to learn to meditate.

Email luke@riseandshine.me for the link to download and meditate in your own home or space.

perfect solutions with energy healing

Everything you need to overcome and master the challenges of your journey are already within you. A Session of Energy Healing works with the intelligence that is within you. The aim is to acknowledge and nurture these qualities into conscious awareness. Simple exercises and homework are often given to help you integrate new ways of thinking and being.

Each person is different and as such Rise and Shine will tailor each session to the individual’s needs and wants. The ultimate goal is to tap into your inner magic that is just waiting to get out. We will call on your inner resources so you can leap over hurdles and obstacles and master these newfound skills. Along the way any old stuff, memories or events that aren’t willing to come along will transform.

There are endless scenarios we may face as humans and everyone is unique. We cannot compare our journeys. There are not 2 the same BUT there is one common reality, when the situation feels balanced you have your solution. Once you have learnt the Lesson the situation was teaching you and have integrated the new skills and awareness to overcome it.

A session at Rise and Shine is an evolving conversation where we chat about your journey to identify your goals and Intentions. Working from a spiritual level, we look at the situation from the bigger picture. Seeing what the life lesson is and then we put in place a plan to integrate all the information to take charge once again.

rise and shine is a space for you to learn to meditate

Specialising in guided journeys. Rise and Shine hopes to help you find peace within and to open to greater levels of empowerment. To understand your self and energy in a way that inspires and uplifts. Weekly Classes are available on varied subjects for you to choose from. There are classes to learn how to meditate. As well as specialised classes to learn about subjects like gratitude, inner freedom and the chakra system.

Rise and Shine is a space dedicated to teaching simple and easy methods of self discovery. It offers me tremendous joy to hold classes and one on one sessions and to see the brightens in the eyes of those who I meet and chat with. There is so much light filling the earth at the moment and I am glad you are a part of this wonderful expansion.

Some Kind words from guests while teaching at Bali Silent Retreat

Meditation Class was just bliss… Led beautifully. Thankyou Luke! – BSR Guest Holland

I feel blessed that I got to experience Luke’s meditations 6 times – BSR guest Germany

The Meditations taken by Luke were powerful. He is a great Healer. The Chakra Balancing class was amazing! I benefited most from it – BSR guest Australia

Rise and Shine ~ 1/789 Pacific Hwy , Gordon  

Luke@riseandshine.me  0410 495 585

One on One Sessions are $90 – 90 Minutes – Drop in Meditation Classes $20

Luke Richardson – Diploma of Energetic Healing – Certificate in Meditation Facilitation

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